About Me

I know what you’re going to say: Another beauty blog, really? Why should we pay attention to you in this oversaturated market. What makes you special?

It’s nothing. I’m not special.

That’s the point. I can’t do a smokey eye, I don’t know how to contour, I can barely do a winged eyeliner.

But I know my sh*t. I love beauty. I won’t bs you or sell you on some unrealistic, unachievable model. I’m real or at least I try to be.

My name is Madeleine Felder (I also go by Maddie). I’m a San Francisco native who briefly lived in New York. While there I interned at two magazines in their beauty department and learned a lot about the inner workings of the beauty industry.

Some things about me:

I have so many beauty products they take up two shelves and a cart in my bathroom and there are more squirrelled away in purses.

I’m kind of an asshole (hence the name Pop of Petty)

I eat a lot of chocolate

I lived in Italy for a year and I want to go back

I have way too many red lipsticks

I love superhero movies (especially Wonder Woman)

I’m 5’2

I’m into skincare especially korean beauty

I buy a LOT of drugstore makeup (Nyx and Elf are my jam)


Here’s what I look like:

I hope you like my blog and continue reading even after I get bossy