Beauty Haul: Colourpop Lipsticks

It took me a while to order from ColourPop which seems weird cause their products are right up my alley (cheap, long-wear lipsticks). But I’m petty to my core and when I was a beauty intern (at an unnamed magazine) I had to deal with ColourPop’s PR person who was rude, unhelpful, didn’t send me the product I needed and addressed me only by last name (meaning she hadn’t read my e-mail where I introduced myself and put my signature). After that experience I ignored ColourPop, refusing to buy their products or have anything to do with them. But people change, I changed. I began seeing ColourPop everwhere and the glowing reviews and most of all the deals. So I went and bought a bunch of liquid lipsticks (cause that’s what I need, more lipsticks) and here we are.

Lippie Stix in Brink

I’m always looking for a natural, everyday lipstick and ColourPop’s Lippie Stix in BrinkĀ fits the bill. This lipstick is a nude rose color with just enough color to make it stand out. It’s a matte-formula but non-drying and very long lasting. The sort of triangle shape of the lippie stix makes it easy to get every part of your lips.

The bottom also twists up and down so there’s no accidentally squishing your lipstick when you put the top back on. A perfect nude-rose color for less than $10 is definitely a winner.

Lippie Stix in Fab Five

So this lippie stix was part of a promo ColourPop was doing when they hit 5 million followers and unfortunately it’s not available anymore. This is a dark wine/plum shade perfect for Fall. Like Brink, this lipstick goes on easy and has a soft matte finish. It’s pretty dark, definitely not an everyday color but its great for making a statement. I don’t wear a lot of dark lipsticks and definitely not dark purples.

I’m glad this Lippie Stix was part of their promotion because I would not have bought it on my own but I like this color. For those interested LBB Lipie Stix seems like a worthwhile dupe. I liked that I got to try a lip color outside my comfort zone and will maybe venture outside of rose and reds color palette in the future.

Ultra Blotted Lip

I love a natural red lip, the kind that makes it looks like you’re just blessed with the perfect pout. And while I was not blessed with naturally cherry red lips, ColourPop’s Ultra Blotted Lip in Bit-O Sunny makes my dream a reality. This is the perfect summer color and can be used two ways. Because it’s a liquid lipstick/stain it can be layered to create a more opaque look. In fact, with the brush I find myself putting on too much product.

My preferred way of using it is dabbing just a little on my bottom and top lip and then blending with my fingers. This way allows me more control over how much color I want on my lips. Like all liquid lipsticks from ColourPop, this has incredible staying power. Overall I liked this liquid lipstick/stain and would definitely buy it again in another color.

Blotted Lip

Full honesty here, I bought this blotted lip because it looked like Glossier’s Generation G lipstick albeit at a cheaper price point. I haven’t tried Glossier’s lipstick but I love ColourPop’s Blotted Lip in Bees Knees. This is such a pretty pinkish/red, a nice matte and very sheer. Like its Ultra Blotted counterpart this look can be layered to create a fuller look or tapping it on for a more sheer, natural look. If you’re going for a natural look I recommend dabbing the lips with this product (kind of hitting the lipstick against your lips) and then blending with fingers. When I put this on like a lipstick it gives my lips a lot of color which sometimes I want and sometimes I don’t. Overall I really like this lipstick and I think the color is very flattering.

You can see in the swatches how sheer both lipsticks look when they’re just swiped across but they’re both still very bright reds. I love a lipstick that does double duty and these Blotted Lips definitely get the job done.

Ultra Matte Lip

ColourPop describes this Ultra Matte Lipstick as a “warm rose” but it’s much darker with some red undertones. It’s a great color, perfect for pulling a look together. I was looking for more of a natural rose lipstick and this is slightly darker than I wanted. Still very pretty and very longlasting though.

Because I need another red lipstick. Saigon is a bright, vibrant red with incredible staying power. I can never have enough red lipsticks especially ones that last an entire day. This is a warm toned red and while I usually go for cool-toned reds this has become my new favorite red lipstick.

My only issue with ColourPop’s Liquid Lipsticks is the applicator. With all the excess product on the stick itself, it makes the lipstick seem messy. The plastic-y look makes it feel cheap and like it could bend and break at any moment. The lipsticks are only $6 so I’m not too mad about it.

Take 5 was part of the same promo as Fab 5 and while ColourPop doesn’t sell this liquid lipstick anymore it’s actually very similar in color to Bumble. This lipstick for me is just okay. I saw swatches of it on Instagram and thought it would be a nice mauve-rose but it’s just a little bland and a little purple for me. Thankfully it was part of a promo and I at least got to try it.

I was trying to branch out when I bought Sizzle. I don’t wear a lot of pink shades and while ColourPop describes this as a “warm berry” the swatches made it look pink rather than red. This shade does have some pink in it but it does come off darker than I was expecting, but I like that. I wore Sizzle to the Opera and felt very put together without being flashy (like a bright red would have done). I love this color.

I liked (most of) my purchases at ColourPop and I would order from them again and I’m very excited they’re coming to Sephora soon.

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