Beauty Haul: Red Lipstick edition

I know I haven’t posted anything in a while, I blame the heat wave. But I’m back! If you know me irl you know I love a red lipstick. I also love a cheap beauty buy as well. Except, sometimes it’s not so cheap. Does anyone else have that problem? Like I go to Sephora and buy one thing (like an eyeliner) and that’s expensive so that’s all I’ll buy. But then I go to Ulta and accidentally spend $50 on red lipsticks because they’re all drugstore brands. Oops? On the bright side, I found some cheap lipsticks that definitely rival the more expensive ones (*cough MAC cough*) in my collection. See end of post for swatches and a more in depth look at the lipsticks.

NYX Slip Tease Full Color Lip Oil in Fire Dancer

Obviously, I’d include an NYX lipstick in my cheap lipstick post. I’ve never used a lip oil before and I can say honestly I’ve never wanted to try one. Lip oil? Seems like it would be shiny and sticky and maybe give me a lip zit (Lol). I’m willing to try any and all of NYX lip products and after I’d seen people wearing it on their Instagram I thought I’d give it a shot. I was gratified to learn that this lipstick wasn’t shiny or oily and didn’t make my lips break out. Unfortunately, that’s all the positive things I have to say about this lipstick. First off, the color was not what I was expecting based on the tube. I thought this lip oil would be a deep, sort of wine red. Instead, it came out looking more like a brownish red (emphasis on the brown) which I wasn’t into (swatches at the end of the post). Because it’s a lip oil the color goes on thinly aka unevenly. I could just suck at putting on lipsticks, but I’ve had a similar experience with another Nyx lipstick going on unevenly because the formula was too sheer. With the other lipstick, I could fix the imperfections with a lip liner but I don’t have a lip liner this dark. This lipstick also came off super easy because it’s a lip oil but I like my lipsticks to last a little bit longer.

Would I Re-buy: Nope

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color in Romance

I’ve used and liked Revlon’s matte lipstick before albeit in a pinkish/magenta color. It was an obvious choice to try one of their matte lipsticks in red. The color came out a bit more orange than I was expecting, I like a blue red but it can be hard to tell if a lipstick has more orange or blue undertones when just looking at the tube. The lipstick isn’t too matte, it doesn’t feel over-drying. It doesn’t last super long (although longer than the Nyx lip oil) and comes off pretty easy when you’re done wearing it. All it takes is a little micellar water and boom you can move onto the next color or go to bed, whatever you want to do. I’d like this lipstick more if it was the only one I bought and had nothing to compare it to but I didn’t and I have to say it’s very similar in color to the Maybelline lipstick and I like the Maybelline lipstick better.

Would I Re-Buy: Probably not

NYX Super Cliquey Matte Lipstick in Empowered

Yes, two of my lipstick purchases were from NYX. I guess I’m just a sucker for a good deal. This lipstick is great though. The color is a nice kind of a rusty red color and it applies super easy. The formula is more creme based but still matte. I don’t think I’ve worn a non-matte lipstick in at least a year. I know shiny lips are coming back but that’s not a trend I can get behind, at least right now. The coolest part of the lipstick is its shape.

Because it’s teardrop shaped this lipstick gets every part of your lips, including the corners. Also, the name is important for a reason, the bottom clicks so you can apply the perfect amount of color to your lips. I bought this product at an Ulta store and surreptitiously swatched some on my arm (some of the NYX products were open or said tester so I didn’t feel like I was breaking the rules) and could tell it was a nice brick red color. I went to Ulta’s website to get the link and the swatch they show makes it look very brown which is not the case at all. I may be a 90s girl but I’m not a fan of brown lipstick and would never buy one so trust my word that this product is red rather than brown. I like this color but I’d be excited to try out different colors from the Super Cliquey line.

Would I Re-Buy: Yes

Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Lip Color in Pioneer

I tried the Maybelline Matte Ink in a different color (wrote about it in a previous post) so I was super excited when I got my hands on this red version. I love this lipstick. The color payoff is phenomenal, it goes on super easy and it does. not. budge. I’m serious, I ate three meals wearing this lipstick and while it faded around the inside and the corners the majority of the product was still on my lips. And I ate greasy, messy food with it on (fries, oysters, an ice cream sandwich). The color is a deep, blue-red and bright. I’m a fan of wearing red lipstick when you don’t have time to do a full face of makeup because it really makes you look put together. This lipstick has earned a permanent place on my makeup counter. @Maybelline hit me up cause I only have nice things to say about your products!

Would I Re-Buy: Yes!




Brush types (Maybelline, NYX lip oil, Revlon)

And that’s all I’ve got. There’ll be a beach beauty post soon, and I recently ordered stuff from colourpop so there’ll be a colourpop-centric haul up some time as well.

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